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    前處理助劑 Pretreatment Auxiliary Agent

    名稱 Name 狀態 State 離子性 Ionicity 應用特性 Application 參考用量 Reference dosage 包裝規格 Packing
    螯合劑 HS-8085Chelating agent HS-8085 液體 Liquid 陰 Anionic 螯合鈣、鎂、鐵離子極佳防止雜質沉積,提高濕潤性和練漂白度,增進染色鮮艷度,可用于退漿、煮練和染色工序 Excellent chelating for calcium, magnesium and ferric ions; preventing impurities from precipitation; Increase the humidification and improve the whiteness from scouring and bleaching process; improve the color brightness for dyeing; may be used in desizing, scouring and dyeing processes; 1-2g/l 125kg/塑料桶 125kg/ Plastic drum
    螯合分散劑 HS-8086Chelating dispersing agent HS-8086 液體 Liquid 陰 Anionic 有效螯合水中的金屬離子,軟化水質,防止氧漂時脆損、白點和破洞,促進染料溶解,防止聚集而沉積,提高鮮艷度用于煮練、漂白和染色工序 Effective chelating for metal ions in the water, water softening; prevent embrittlement, white point and broken holes during oxygen bleaching; stimulate the dissolving of dyestuff to avoid precipitation from aggregation; improve the color brightness; may be used in scouring, bleaching and dyeing processes; 1-2g/l 125kg/塑料桶 125kg / Plastic drum
    洗滌劑HS-5186Detergent HS-5186 液體 Liquid 陰 Anionic 去除羊毛及混紡織物的油污,可作絲織物、羊毛染色潤濕劑、勻染劑和皂洗劑 For removal of oil stains on the wools and blended fabrics; may be used as wetting agent, leveling agent and scouring agent for dyeing of silk fabrics and wools; 2-3g/l 125kg/塑料桶 125kg / plastic drum
    凈洗劑HS-5186Cleaning agent HS-5186 液體 Liquid 非 Non-ionic 耐酸、耐堿、耐硬水,洗滌效果佳,用于羊毛、麻、針織印染織物的洗滌劑及去浮色 Resistant to acid, caustic soda and hard water; excellent cleaning efficiency; used as the cleaning agent for wools, hemp, dyed knitted fabrics and for removing the floating color; 2-3g/l 125kg/塑料桶 125kg /Plastic drum
    精練劑 HS-120AScouring agent HS-120A 液體 Liquid 陰/非 Anionic / non-ionic 耐堿120g/l,優良的滲透、乳化、分散和洗凈力,用于棉、麻及混紡織物前處理工藝 Resistant to caustic soda, 120g/l; excellent performance regarding permeability, emulsification, dispersing and cleaning; used in the pretreatment process for cotton, hemp and blended fabrics; 5-10g/l 125kg/塑料桶 125kg / Plastic drum
    高效耐堿精練劑HS-120BHigh-efficiency alkali-resistant scouring agent HS-120B 液體 Liquid 陰/非 Anionic/ non-ionic 低泡、耐強堿(180g/l)、硬水、氧化劑,優良的潤濕、乳化、分散和洗凈力,用于棉、麻及混紡織物前處理工藝 Low-foaming, resistant to strong caustic soda (180g/l), hard water and oxidant; excellent performance regarding humidification, emulsification, dispersing and cleaning; used in the pretreatment process for cotton, hemp and blended fabrics; 5-10g/l 125kg/塑料桶 125kg / Plastic drum
    多功能前處理劑KLMultifunction pretreatment agent KL 液體 Liquid 陰/非 Anionic /non-ionic 有滲透、穩定、螯合、勻染、抗垢作用,用于纖維素纖維及混紡品的前處理氧漂工藝 Functions for permeation, stabilizing, chelating, leveling dyeing and scale prevention; used in the pretreatment oxygen bleaching process for cellulose fiber and blended fabrics; 5-10g/l 125kg/塑料桶 125kg/Plastic drum
    冷軋堆精練滲透劑HS-8058Cold pad-batch scouring penetrant HS-8058 液體 Liquid 陰/非 Anionic /non-ionic 優良的低溫滲透、潤濕力,并有理想的乳化、分散力,用于棉和滌棉冷軋堆前處理 Excellent low-temperature penetration and humidification efficiency and ideal emulsification and dispersing results; used in cold pad-batch pretreatment process for cotton and polyester cotton; 5-10g/l 125kg/塑料桶 125kg / Plastic drum
    耐強堿絲光滲透劑HS-8088Strong caustic resistant mercerization penetrant HS-8088 液體 Liquid 陰 Anionic 低泡,耐300g/l的濃堿,并有極好的潤濕滲透力,使織物絲光均勻,且光澤好 Low-foaming; resistant to 300g/l strong caustic soda; excellent wetting and penetration efficiency; bringing even mercerization and gloss to the fabrics;  10-15g/l 125kg/塑料桶 125kg /Plastic drum
    去蠟劑 Dewaxing agent 液體 Liquid 陰 Anionic 具有良好的乳化、分散能力,用于解決軋染前處理出現的蠟條和白芯等問題 Excellent performance in emulsification and dispersing; for removal of wax stick, white core and other problems possibly occurring in the pad dyeing pretreatment process; 15-20g/l 125kg/塑料桶 125kg /Plastic drum
    氧漂穩定劑HS-2000AOxygen bleaching stabilizing agent HS-2000A 液體 Liquid 陰 Anionic 不含硅鹽,對鐵、銅、錳等離子有良好的絡合作用,防止破洞,提高織物的白度用于雙氧水漂白的浸染工序 Free of silicon; excellent complexing for ferric, copper and manganese ions; effective prevention of broken holes; improving the whiteness of fabrics; used in dip-dyeing process of hydrogen peroxide bleaching; 3-5g/l 125kg/塑料桶 125kg/ Plastic drum
    氧漂穩定劑 HS-2000BOxygen bleaching stabilizing agent HS-2000B 液體 Liquid 陰 Anionic 耐強堿,對重金屬離子有很好的絡合作用,保證雙氧水的有效分解,既防止了因雙氧水被催化分解過快而損傷纖維,又保證了漂白的白度和均勻度,用于冷軋堆和堿氧一浴工序 Resistant to strong caustic; excellent complexing for heavy metal ions and assured effective decomposition for hydrogen peroxide, which not only avoid damages to the fibers due to over fast catalyzing decomposition of hydrogen peroxide, but also guarantees the whiteness and evenness from the bleaching process; used in the cold batch-pad process and alkali souring, oxygen bleaching in one bath process; 5-8g/l 125kg/塑料桶 125kg /Plastic drum
    脫氧酶HS-180Deoxidizing enzymeHS-180 液體 Liquid 非 Non-ionic 去除氧漂后織物上殘余的雙氧水,節能、節水 For removal of remaining hydrogen peroxide on the fabrics after oxygen bleaching process featuring energy-saving and water-saving; 0.06-0.15g/l 25kg塑料桶 25kg Plastic drum
    拋光酶HS-280Polishing enzyme HS-280 液體 Liquid 非 Non-ionic 用于纖維素織物的生化光潔,對機織物和針織物都適用,還可用于牛仔布的陳舊及石磨效果 Used for bio-polishing for cellulose fiber, suitable for both woven fabrics and knitted fabrics; also used for bringing old-fashion and stone-grinding effect to the Denim Fabrics; 0.8-1.5%(o.w.f) 25kg塑料桶 25kg plastic drum
    寬溫退漿酶HS-380Wide-temperature desizing enzyme HS -380 液體 Liquid 非 Non-ionic 主要用于坯布的淀粉漿的去除,溫度在50-95℃左右,不損傷纖維、降低化學品的用量Mainly used for removing the starch slurry on the gray fabrics with temperature ranging approximately 50-95℃ ; no damaging to the fiber; resulting in reduction of chemical consumption; 3-5g/l 25kg或50kg塑料桶 25kg or 50kg plastic drum